Ben Affleck says that when they were younger, living with Matt Damon meant living in filth. Which means he was a terrible roommate. I have had this experience. One of my university roommates was foul. Nice person, but really really lax on the cleanup. Like Ben, I tried to give up and just wait her out and see if she would clean but eventually I couldn’t stand it and submitted. (Cele|bitchy) 


The David Choe and Beef situation is definitely on my radar and I’ve been waiting to see if anyone from the show, Steven Yeun and Ali Wong in particular, will respond, if they do respond, before I cover it. That’s not the Ali Wong update we got today though. Today it’s confirmation that she and Bill Hader are indeed back together after a brief split. And curiously the confirmation is coming from HIS rep and not hers. I say curiously because I know the assumption might have been that she was using this as a deflection from the David Choe situation. (DListed)

I really love what Woody Harrelson is wearing at the premiere of White House Plumbers. He’s not a suit and tie kind of guy, like Justin Theroux, but this is definitely style – unlike Adam Sandler and his shorts. (Go Fug Yourself)

We all love Seth Meyers, right? A little bit of a crush too, right? The wholesome, harmless kind. Like I just want to be his friend and maybe hold hands. But his wife, Alexi, on the other hand… that’s who I’m horny for, especially after he told this story. (Pajiba) 

It’s been just over a month since Michelle Yeoh made history at the Oscars. She returned to Hong Kong a few days ago to celebrate with friends and this photo went viral – a collection of Hong Kong film legends in one shot, and the group selfie was taken by Chow Yun Fat himself! (8 Days)