Ben Affleck, as you know, was Lindsay Shookus’s plus-one at the Emmys, sitting several rows back with her instead of in the front row where brand name big name celebrities are usually installed. As I wrote yesterday in my post-Emmys article about Ben’s appearance at the Emmys, it must be serious if he was there at her side, playing cheerleader, the message seeming to be that Ben is suuuuch a supportive boyfriend. How sweet of him, right?

That was indeed the message. US Weekly’s headline about Ben being at the Emmys was:

Ben Affleck Was the 'Most Supportive Boyfriend' to Lindsay Shookus at Emmys 2017


And E! actually published an entire listicle about what an amazing boyfriend Ben is, itemising the “7 Ways Ben Affleck Made Sure The Spotlight Was on Lindsay Shookus At The Emmys”.

Oh for f-ck’s sake.

Here’s another shot of Ben and Lindsay at the Emmys on Sunday that I haven’t yet posted.

The reason I’m including it is because… there’s pregnancy talk. New shots of Lindsay that were taken on Friday night in LA, before the Emmys happened, have been released. You can see them here. She’s wearing a silk baggy dress. It’s billowing in the mid-body area. I feel like….if she really had a bump that size in the silk dress it would show in the tight black dress she wore to the Emmys? You can revisit her look at the Emmys here:

But this is why I hate bump-watch as a form of reliable gossip: I don’t think it is. If it was I would be pregnant on The Social every week. Here’s a good example:

Here’s something else to consider though while we’re at it. It was too frenetic yesterday and I didn’t take a closer look at this photo but count the drinks on the table:

That said, if Lindsay Shookus was pregnant with Ben Affleck’s baby? It’s so Ben Affleck. Like of course his girlfriend would be pregnant with his baby two months after they “officially” start dating.