Lindsay Shookus’s parents were in LA for the weekend. She and Ben Affleck were photographed having dinner with them and here are some shots of all of them, including her kid, on a hike on Sunday. Family time then. Just your ordinary weekend family activity, no drama. Except, well, when it comes to Ben Affleck, there’s so often so much drama. 

So it’s interesting to me, the family portrait we’re getting here in these shots. How ordinary it is. What did you do this weekend? Oh we went out to see our daughter and grandchild in LA and spend time with the man she’s dating. And you know what? I feel like Ben Affleck is probably GREAT with parents. Some people are good people but they just don’t know how to charm the parents. It doesn’t mean that they wouldn’t make suitable partners, it’s just that they can’t quite get over the awkwardness, it takes a few tries before things go smoothly. 

Ben Affleck, though, to me, is the type who’d be able to get right in there, no problem. He’s intelligent. He’s a good conversationalist. He has a good parents’ sense of humour. He’d be great with parents, totally. You know, until he isn’t. 

But … that’s all the past, right? With Lindsay, it’s different now. He’s figured it out. He’s sorted his sh-t out. He has her parents’ approval. This is your takeaway now. Take it away.