Yesterday I posted about Ben Affleck and how he’s looking at his own behaviour and pledging to support more women in the industry after being connected to Harvey Weinstein. Now he’s saying he’s donating his Weinstein-associated earnings to charity. Some of those earnings are from Good Will Hunting. And he wasn’t the lead in Good Will Hunting. Will Matt Damon be doing the same? Matt Damon also championed Casey Affleck hard last year, because he’s been friends with the Afflecks forever and because he was a producer on Manchester By The Sea. Do we get to ask Matt Damon about Casey Affleck? Or are the questions limited to Harvey Weinstein? (Dlisted)

A new development in the lawsuit between Johnny Depp and his former managers that sounds a lot like the old developments. He says they ripped him off, they say he ripped himself off and in doing so owe them all kinds of money and now they want to foreclose on his homes. He’s already trying to offload a number of his properties. The last I checked, he was having a hard time selling his farm in Kentucky. They couldn’t find a buyer so they put it up for auction. And then the bids were so low at the auction that they had to pull it. Johnny needs that new Pirates movie to happen real soon. (Cele|bitchy) 

Ryan Reynolds wears wireless headphones. I recently upgraded my phone so I have wireless headphones too. And I really want to use them but earbud style headphones don’t work in my ears. I think I have really shallow ear caves? What do you call that part of your ear? Anyway, if I’m running with earbud headphones, they always fall out. Which is why I prefer the old-fashioned big ass headphones that wrap around the top of your head. If you have any advice on how to keep wireless headphones in your ear when you have shallow ear caves, I would like to hear it. If you have another expression for “ear caves” I would like to hear that too. (Pop Sugar) 

Kevin Spacey is done on House Of Cards. He’s done on any show and any movie, actually. But is House Of Cards done? Showrunner Beau Willimon claims he was unaware of Kevin’s predation. Now crew members are saying that’s bullsh-t. The future of House Of Cards is looking bleak. As Pajiba quite rightly points out though, The Ranch is moving ahead. (Pajiba) 

Like Harvey Weinstein, Brett Ratner is one of those guys who hasn’t had a problem getting into a party in years. Can you picture it? Their smug as f-ck faces sauntering up all entitled to the door and being ushered in immediately? They enjoyed those privileges more than they would ever admit. And now that they’ve both been publicly disgraced, this is probably high on their list of frustrations – not being able to go to the best parties and decide who gets to come or go. (TMZ) 

Constance Wu on how moved she was to be on an all-Asian film set, where people weren’t dressed up in traditional clothing. As usual, she speaks articulately about intention and how she relates to her character in Crazy Rich Asians. (Entertainment Weekly)