While we wait for Bennifer’s big premiere in Venice, let’s kill time with some non-Bennifer related Ben Affleck news…

One of my favorite dumb-fun movies in recent memory is The Accountant, aka Math-Man Begins, in which Ben Affleck plays a neurodiverse CPA with a secret double life as an assassin. It is SO stupid it’s delightful and I love it and watch it all the time. Despite its success in 2016, though, no sequel for The Accountant ever materialized. That probably had something to do with how busy Affleck was at the time with his Batfleck duties, but freed from the cape, he can now fulfill his destiny and play the superhero he was born to play: Math-Man. A sequel to The Accountant has FINALLY been confirmed.


Director Gavin O’Connor, speaking to the ReelBlend podcast, shot down a sequel to The Way Back, the basketball drama O’Connor and Affleck made in 2020 which earned Affleck some of the best acting reviews of his recent career. But to soothe the wound of no more Way Back, O’Connor stated that he had just closed a deal to direct The Accountant 2, with Affleck and co-star Jon Bernthal returning as the assassin brothers. The sequel will also be written by Bill Dubuque, who wrote the first movie. It’s happening at last! Math-Man Returns!

Even better, O’Connor said he has a plan for a third Accountant movie, which he calls “Rain Man on steroids”. Oh great! That won’t be in any way offensive, I’m sure! The Accountant already walks a fine line of exploitation, making a buddy comedy out of a couple of assassin brothers, one of whom is neurodiverse, will go extremely well, you bet! Honestly, though, I can’t wait. Bring on all the Accountant we can handle. I hope that Gavin O’Connor, Bill Dubuque, Ben Affleck, and Jon Bernthal get to make as many of these stupid movies as they want. I will watch every single one of them ten times.