The Oscars are happening in less than a week. The high points of the Oscars are always the bookends – the beginning, which is the red carpet during arrivals, and the end, which is when Best Picture is typically presented. It’s the in between that show producers and the Academy are trying to tweak to maintain the interest level. 


The thing about the Oscars, though, is that while conventional ratings for them have decreased year by year, the Oscars are HUGE on social media. And not just during the Oscars either – they keep trending through the night, into the next day. That’s what you want, right? An event that people are still talking about, arguing about, obsessing about. The fashion show on the red carpet kicks that off. Seeing celebrities on that long ass red carpet is of paramount importance to the Oscars. 

But there is at least one celebrity who might skip the red carpet over the show’s decision to cut eight categories from the live broadcast. That means that those awards will be presented before the show is televised, which would require people to arrive early to fill the theatre. They’re walking a scheduling tight-rope here because they need the stars on the carpet to generate the excitement but they also want them inside to support their colleagues. And if it’s a choice between the two, Jessica Chastain is saying that she’ll be inside the theatre, especially since hair and makeup, which were so critical to her performance as Tammy Faye, is one of the cut categories. Jessica said on the Next Best Picture podcast that:

“I will absolutely be present when the makeup category is being called, and if that means I’m not doing press on the red carpet or ABC or whatever it is, then so be it.”


Jessica is currently the slight frontrunner for Best Actress. If she’s considering skipping the red carpet, then there could be others who are thinking of doing the same. Which is one way that celebrities can exert their influence in this situation. For her, clearly, it’s the principle of it. As she goes on to explain: 

“The most important thing for me is to honor the incredible artisans who work in our industry. So much attention is on the actors. We’re like the face, in some ways, because you go to a movie and you see us. A lot of people don’t understand how beyond an actor a performance is. Look at this incredible makeup team. ‘Tammy Faye’ goes through three decades.”

Principle but also pragmatic…because this quote was making the rounds this weekend when Oscar voters were making their selections. Great look for Jessica, showing up for other creatives in the business, many of whom are pissed off about being left out of the broadcast. 


That said, how likely will it be to see the stars, who spend hours and hours on their Oscar looks, who know that their Oscar look is THE look of the year for them, in some cases, to forgo that opportunity? Will they suspend their vanity on principle?! 

This is something to look out for on Oscar night – how many will actually give up the opportunity to preen in front of all those cameras? 

Jessica was at the Producers Guild Awards the other night. She presented to Rita Moreno. I can’t find any photos of her on the red carpet – only stage shots. If you’ve seen them, let me know, but it may be that Jessica’s already making her point. 

Kristen Stewart, meanwhile, who is also in the running for Best Actress, was also at the PGAs and did walk the carpet. This, to me, is my least favourite out of all of Kristen’s looks this award season. Hate the dress. And this hair, these tendrils, like I barely recognise her – where did styling choice come from?!