I don’t know what they were thinking.

Bette Midler won her first – FIRST! – Tony Award last night for Best Actress in a Musical in Hello, Dolly! There was a Special Tony Award given to her back in 1974 but that was more of a lifetime achievement award and not connected to any one performance. So… finally… Bette Midler. And they tried to play her off?!

As you saw, Bette wasn’t having it. “Shut that crap off!”

Bette Midler is 71, as vital and as energised as she’s ever f-cking been. And we didn’t get to see her perform! So give the woman an extra goddamn few minutes! It’s not like she wasn’t entertaining. It’s not like Bette Midler is going to get up on a stage and make you fall asleep. Because if her voice wasn’t doing it for you, it was her dress. HOW AMAZING DID SHE LOOK IN THAT DRESS?

A couple of years ago, The Telegraph reprinted an interview with Bette from the year before on the occasion of her 70th birthday. It’s a great read and if you have time right now, I highly recommend. My favourite quote from the piece:

“I worked a little too hard, I’m afraid. I should have been easier on myself. But I like rehearsal. I love the business.”

That doesn’t sound like someone who truly regrets working too hard. Not when she follows up with a statement like, “I like rehearsal”. That’s a fist-pump for me right there. I LIKE REHEARSAL. If you are lucky, and you enjoy what you do, and I know that’s a privilege too, that’s how it should be: I LIKE REHEARSAL.