Maria has mentioned Britney Spears a couple of times this week in Celebrity Social Media, writing that at least on Instagram, Britney is “thriving in quarantine”, pointing to her recent post honouring Pride and her LGBTQ+ fans. But now the Beyhive is mad at her. There is no way Britney was disrespecting Beyoncé. But I would like to talk more about her dedication to the high angle shot. I too love a high angle shot. (Dlisted) 


What did you give your dad for Father’s Day? I baked my dad a strawberry cake and gave him a cheque. My parents love money. Lady Gaga’s dad got… not money, but a box of Oreos. I mean, I’ll never complain about Oreos. Oreos are a very regular part of my lockdown. I’m guessing that Oreos in Lady Gaga’s family represent love. (Cele|bitchy) 

I did not know that Geena Davis dressed up like a baseball to the A League of Their Own premiere. I love the shoes. Notice how many people wore flats to the red carpet back then? (Go Fug Yourself) 

There are a lot of people who are waiting for George R R Martin to finish the Game of Thrones book series. He says he’s writing steadily and… Winds of Winter will be done next year? Done doesn’t mean published though. But the hope is there for those of you who need it. (Pajiba) 

Oh great! There’s now a monster dust cloud heading across the planet and it could make even more people sick. How long before Roland Emmerich turns this into a movie? (The Cut)