Dear Gossips,

Beyoncé and Jay-Z played Manchester last night which was also Rumi and Sir Carter’s birthday. Their first birthday! Birthdays? She shouted them out near the end of the show: 


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But also… I think there are some new outfits. Are there some new outfits? She wasn’t coming down the elevator in this last week: 


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Of course she’s hoarding several wardrobes to be rolled out as this tour progresses. Some people have been speculating that Beyoncé is pregnant again. Which may or may not be why the elevator entrance outfit was switched up. She is all-knowing after all. She knows what the talk is and what parts of it to address. 

I wonder if she will ever address the Tiffany Haddish/ Sanaa Lathan thing. As noted yesterday, Tiffany seemed to finally confirm that it was indeed Sanaa who bit Beyoncé. I kind of hope not? Not because I don’t want more tea but, as Dee Lockett wrote at Vulture, Tiffany has become the “greatest storyteller of our time”. I’d rather Tiffany tell all the stories. 

Yours in gossip,