Dear Gossips,

The A Wrinkle In Time premiere happened on Monday night. I posted pictures from the event earlier this week. You know who was there? Beyoncé. With the Blue Ivy Carter and Jay-Z. She avoided the red carpet though, instead posting pictures and video last night on her website and on Instagram. 

This is also what happened almost a year ago. Beyoncé and Jay took Blue to the Beauty & The Beast premiere. They wore Gucci and she bellycupped and she provided the photos, no one else. A Wrinkle In Time, like Beauty & The Beast, is a major motion picture. So many stars showed up that night to support it. Which means all kinds of photographers were there, having had it on their schedules well in advance. And somehow they weren’t able to get a single shot of Beyoncé coming and going. I really want to know how this is coordinated. You can see in some of these pictures that they’re posing in front of the movie’s poster boards, on the blue carpet. 


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(Click through to see all of them. Bey and Blue are at the end)

How did no one else get a shot? Obviously they arrived well after the cast went into the theatre. Do they not start the movie though until she gets there? Am I the only one who cares about these kinds of logistics? 

Speaking of logistics, albeit much simpler, I’m on an early flight today. Several posts have been prepared in advance to go up while I’m in flight. If anything breaks, I’ll cover it when I land. 

Yours in gossip,