For months it was rumoured that Beyoncé would be in Jon Favreau’s live-action The Lion King. It had been previously confirmed that Donald Glover and James Earl Jones would star as Simba and Mufasa. Chiwetel Ejiofor is playing Scar. (My word processor does not spell-check Chiwetel Ejiofor! No red lines underneath! Well done, Microsoft Word. There is, however a red line under Favreau. And Mufasa.)

Yesterday Disney officially announced the cast:

There she is. The Beyoncé. Also, as Sarah just pointed out to me over email, Florence Kasumba is included too. You may not recognise her name but she is of the Dora Milje and you do know her most famous line:

“Move. Or you will be moved.”

As for Beyoncé – you remember back in August there was a dumb as f-ck rumour originated by a British tabloid that Beyoncé consulted Adele for advice because she was considering writing the new Bond song!? At the time, I wrote that that was idiotic, because why would Beyoncé commit to Bond when she had yet, then, to confirm her involvement with The Lion King which is much more in line with her work and where she’s chosen to place it?

Anyway, in reaction to this news, that Beyoncé will be in The Lion King, please enjoy the tweet that Kathleen texted me this morning:

Now that we’re all set, everyone has now been given permission to be excited. What are we most excited about? Beyoncé on the press tour. Beyoncé on the soundtrack. Beyoncé at the Oscars. And this. THIS:

No, but seriously. Beyoncé and Donald Glover, Can You Feel The Love Tonight. A new generation hearing this song performed by BEYONCÉ and DONALD GLOVER.