Beyoncé has been pretty quiet this year so far. She was quiet last year around this time too, remember? We heard nothing from Beyoncé in 2017 until….

Febuary 1, 2017. 

The first day of Black History Month. 

Also the day she set the record for most likes on Instagram. You know that photo and its accompanying announcement. 

It won’t be the same announcement this year but Beyoncé is planning. For sure she’s planning Coachella which happens in three months from now. Before then though, what about the Grammys? The Grammys are this weekend. Jay-Z leads with the most nominations including a shared one with Beyoncé for Family Feud. Will Beyoncé be at the Grammys? Is that what she’s been saving up for? No one understands the payoff of the wait more than Beyoncé. 

Here’s Beyoncé yesterday leaving Soul Cycle in LA carrying a container full of cupcakes. Like a home container. And not even a good home container! I have written before about my obsession with high quality reusable containers. All of my containers are the sh-t, not like the, frankly, cheap version Beyoncé has in her hand. These are leakers! They don’t hold liquid and the lid always pops off without too much agitation – if you are going to buy reusable containers, people, you should INVEST in the quality of those containers! The flaps! Get the ones with the flaps! 

I’m going to guess that this container does not belong to Beyoncé. That someone gave it to her. The nerve of this person. If you had to send Beyoncé home with cupcakes, wouldn’t you present them to her in a better container, OMG!