Beyoncé and Jay Z went out for sushi last night in LA. It’s been a couple of weeks since we saw her last. The day she confirmed the names of the twins, the paps shot her and Jay leaving a Roc Nation party. She ended up giving us the full outfit on Instagram. So I’m surprised that we haven’t yet seen an Insta post from her after this sushi dinner. Maybe she couldn’t find a shot that she liked?

According to E!, B and J spent were there for an hour. And it’s not a fancy joint, just a place they like that’s located in a strip mall. Sometimes that’s the best sushi though? I always say that neighbourhood sushi in Vancouver is better than high end, upscale sushi anywhere in the world. I feel like Beyoncé would know this having been to Vancouver so many times on tour. I wonder if Beyoncé’s ever tried sushi in Vancouver all the times she’s passed through on tour.

Can we talk about Jay’s tour though? The 4:44 tour begins October 27 and he plays almost every second night and sometimes every night for 7 weeks, with the tour ending in LA on December 21. Jay was with Beyoncé for much of the Formation tour last year. That said, he hadn’t just given birth. To twins. So either she and Blue and Rumi and Sir Carter will be joining him on tour or he might not be around to see the babies for 7 weeks. Which one do you think it’ll be?