On Sunday, we were #blessed with a sighting of the Holy Twins. It’s the first time we’ve seen them since our Queen officially gave us permission to celebrate their birth in the form of my favourite Instagram post of all time and my current phone screensaver. 

Rumi and Sir are now 5 months old and well, they’re just as stupidly adorable as I imagined they’d be at 5 months old. Look at Sir’s stank face! And Rumi’s little hair bow! And both of their little socks!   


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Rumi already looks a little like her big sister Blue Ivy, who takes after her father, while Sir clearly got the Knowles genes. He’s basically Beyoncé’s mini-me. I’ve been staring at these pictures for two days. I’ve also been wondering how jealous Blue is of her little siblings. Blue Ivy is used to being the star. She’s already proven that she lives for the spotlight and that she thrives in it. She’s already a gifted MC who’s never seen a ceiling in her whole life. How well is this prodigy, who is destined for greatness and spent 5 years as the only child of the King of Hip-hop and Queen of Everything, handling taking a backseat to these puffy-cheeked bundles of joy? I like to think of Blue as a doting big sister who is not consumed with envy but instead, she sees the arrival of The Holy Twins as an opportunity. These kids will do whatever she wants. They were born to idolize their big sis. How long before Beyoncé allows us to see home videos of Rumi and Sir in matching tracksuits, doing dance moves choreographed by Blue Ivy? How long before Blue is directing short films starring her siblings? 

In these new shots of The Carters are on vacation in Miami, you can see Blue Ivy holding onto a phone and Lainey thinks it looks like she is either taking selfies or directing her first movie. Most 5-year-olds would be taking selfies or playing Pokemon or something equally pedestrian. Blue is probably storyboarding the upcoming family Christmas videos.