I went to bed at 9pm last night. I woke up to a new Beyoncé song. Love when that happens!

She’s on the Mi Gente remix. And it’s not like the J Balvin and Willy William track wasn’t already a banger. And now Beyoncé’s singing in Spanish. And French. And English. And she drops a “SLAY”. And she’s pledged the profits to hurricane relief. There’s a page on her website letting people know how they can help.



That lyric though…


“If you love me, make an album about me.”

He did. It took Jay-Z an entire album to explain himself. She did it in one line.

The third annual TIDAL X benefit concert is happening in Brooklyn on October 17th to raise money for hurricane relief. Jay is performing. And Jennifer Lopez, DJ Khaled, Cardi B, and so many other artists. Beyoncé is not on the list. But… but… but… she’s going to show up, right?

Her next officially scheduled performance, right now, is Coachella 2018. That’s 6 months away. Does Beyoncé save herself until then for a major return? Will there be a new album out by then?