Dear Gossips,

We ended the day yesterday with Beyoncé. We’re going to start the day by appreciating Beyoncé, which is what we do every day here at LaineyGossip. It’s basically our mission statement. I’m sure you’ve seen some of the headlines: Beyoncé won Halloween, Beyoncé saves Halloween, Beyoncé’s Halloween masterpiece. But this has been the Beyoncé standard, with anything. Beyoncé never, ever half-asses. Not at work and not even at play. 

And, you’ll note, while her Phoni Braxton covers were very, very close to the original Toni Braxton, it wasn’t an exact match. The earrings, for example, aren’t an exact match. B has zippers on her jacket instead of gold buttons. Also, in this shot, look at Beyoncé’s right hand:


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See how her fingers are slightly poking out? In the original, you can’t see Toni’s fingers at all. It’s just the sleeve. So it actually seems like her hand has been cut off. Which B would have undoubtedly observed herself and tweaked; everything with Beyoncé, as we know, is in the details. 

Within an hour of B’s post, Toni Braxton was trending worldwide. I’m sure she made some money too. What are the streaming numbers for "Another Sad Love Song" the last 24 hours? Better than it has been in a while, for sure. It’s a throwback. God, it’s been a long time since I put that on. And all night I was doing that eyes closed song appreciation – “only takes that one note, I tell ya, from that a-radio, it’s just another…lonely… love song” – soooo good. 

Here’s Toni’s reaction to Beyoncé’s tribute:


Beyoncé has officially unscrooged my Halloween. 

Stay safe out there tonight. 

Yours in gossip,