Cowboy Timberlake is trying to make his album release the music event we’re supposed to be waiting for. Truth: the music event everyone is waiting for is Coachella. Or, more accurately, #BEYchella. 


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By the time Coachella comes around, it’ll have been pretty much exactly two years since the release of Lemonade. So the question is: will Beyoncé be releasing new music for Coachella? You know she’s working on something. You don’t know WHAT, but you know by now to be ready. Ready not just for greatness but for what will be shown to be the next level in greatness. Beyoncé always, always moves the goal posts. And you know she’s not coming back from having twins just to maintain the standard. The point of Beyoncé is to be that person who does that thing that makes you go….how is that even possible? Is it even possible? To bring it harder than she brought it on Lemonade? Am I an idiot for even asking the question? 

Back in November, Beyoncé was seen with her hair in braids and holding on to her laptop. According to Beyoncé symbology experts, whenever B’s in braids it means she’s working. It’s a signal to the Beyhive to get their homes in order, to get their sh-t sorted, to stay alert. Because once it happens, there’s no time for anything else. 

So. Man of the who?