Sasha and I start this week’s podcast by bitching about Middleton style. And also the only man who can wear a manbun. Then, it’s micro-aggressions from friends and a boyfriend who’s fat-shaming a dog.

Oh look. Messy Ben Affleck can’t stay out of the news. This time he’s making news for something he said 20 years ago. See what I mean? He is such a f-ck up that even his historical f-ckups keep f-cking him up. Is this what happens when Amazing Amy isn’t on your side anymore? Because it cannot be a coincidence that he enjoyed a long run of not f-cking up when things were right with her. And, well, look what’s happened now. (Dlisted) 

This was supposed to be Beyoncé. And… I thought it was Mischa Barton in this first side-by-side. And that’s a f-cking crime. Not just what it looks like but what it sounds like. Why are Beyoncé and Mischa Barton even in the same sentence? And it’s not just one of them, ALL OF THEM are f-cked! Some of them? Look like Rita Ora in the face, what the F-CK is happening here? (Just Jared) 

This.Is.Bananas. But is it possible? That this could be Alex Rodriguez’s future job? Is this what he’s been planning all along? And is JLO part of that plan? Because I’m telling you, if this happens, if this actually happens, how much of the credit will go to her? Probably none. At least not from him. But it’s all about image. And is there anyone who’s done more for ARod’s image than Jennifer.F-cking.Lopez? Oh my GOD. (The Ringer) 

This is my favourite silhouette. But there is no silhouette, is what you’re going to tell me. And I’m going to tell you that just because it’s not a body-con silhouette, it doesn’t mean that there’s no silhouette. It just means that instead of that shape it’s a different shape. Shapeless is invisible. I can see Julianne Moore. So she’s not shapeless. It’s just another way of looking at shape. Frankly a way more comfortable way of looking at shape. (Go Fug Yourself) 

The Game Of Thrones Season 7 premiere set new ratings records. 16 million viewers! Which is 50% more viewers from episode 1 of last season. The interest in Westeros was so high that it even affected porn traffic. No, seriously. People put off jerking off for an hour just to see the Khaleesi’s dragons and Samwell Tarly’s 30 second sh-t montage. (Jezebel) 

The Fifth Element is 20 years old. I LOVE this movie. It was underrated in its time, right? I used to daydream that I was Leeloo beating the sh-t out of those whatever it was they were called during the opera singer’s performance. Also I once spent a week looking for a wig like hers so I could go as her for Halloween. It never happened. But one day, one day I want to be Leeloo for Halloween. Even though it’s not very original and it’s been done so many times before, f-ck it, you either hated The Fifth Element or you were obsessed. And I’m still obsessed. (The Atlantic)