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Gloria Carter, Jay-Z’s ma, and Beyoncé were honoured on Saturday at the Wearable Art Gala presented by the WACO Theater Center and hosted by Richard Lawson, the founder, and Miss Tina, the creator of greatness. The theme of the night was From WACO to Wakanda. So you can imagine the fashion. And, obviously, no one brought the fashion like Beyoncé and…of course… the Blue Ivy Carter. Look at this gold full headpiece/wig situation: 


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You know what kills me about Blue? She kept that thing on for a long time, not just by kids’ standards but by adult ones too. Like already she’s inherited her mother’s ability to endure for the look. Speaking of look endurance, Beyoncé’s outfit required TWO handlers. Wait, no. Make that FOUR.


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This is why B changed when she was on stage to accept her award, emotionally: 


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Many people have said, and we have seen, that Beyoncé is selective about what she chooses to reveal about herself and how she chooses to present herself, and not just related to her celebrity. Some stars, every time they make a donation, we find out about it. This may be one of the reasons Miss Tina wanted her to receive this award – so that the people who’ve benefited from Beyoncé’s generosity would have the opportunity to acknowledge her. Turns out she’s been paying for rent and tuition and medical care and funded low-income housing initiatives and clean water programs undercover. Which is in line with what Dream Hampton revealed about B and Jay a couple of years ago about how active they were behind the scenes in assisting the Black Lives Matter movement, bailing out activists and helping with protestor expenses, but did not want to be credited for it. 

Back to Blue now though… 

The big headline coming out of the event is about her “bidding” on auction items – basically her parents let her hold up the paddle, a skill that she caught on to VERY quickly. LOL at Jay’s face in this video, especially toward the end: 


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She was not the successful bidder for that item, by the way. But she did end up bidding on and winning something for $10K. 

There is something to be said here for intergenerational wealth – it’s what Jay addressed in 4:44 and during his interview with Van Jones – and its significance not only for the black community but its impact on overall social harmony, as the imbalance in wealth distribution further entrenches racial inequality. The Carters have made it clear that they are building an empire. And that their plans for that empire include uplifting people of colour. So their own Wakanda, if you will. Blue Ivy, no doubt, will bear that legacy, along with her twin siblings. It’s almost like Beyoncé and Blue are creating their own Avengers. 

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