The Lion King comes out on July 19 so less than a month now. Which means they’re moving into the final stages of promotion and releasing the primetime goods, what everyone is most curious about – which, of course, is mostly Beyoncé. Earlier this month we finally heard Beyoncé speak as Nala and now we’re hearing her sing as Beyoncé. An international TV spot for the movie features a few seconds of Beyoncé and Donald Glover singing “Can You Feel The Love Tonight”, The Lion King’s love song, The Lion King’s signature song.  

Ever on brand, Kathleen cried when she first heard it. Obviously Beyoncé sounds amazing. And Donald is there to sing background. I do like the way they sound on the “perfect harmony” note, specifically the first syllable – it’s like they’re singing “PAR-fect” instead of “PURR-fect”. How is Kathleen is going to make it through this movie? Even I might have to leave during the sad parts, like THAT part. And all the other parts, if the sweet, tender sounds of Beyoncé will be accompanying all those adorable and too realistic animal expressions. As it is, I can barely handle the animated version. It’s the eyes. Simba’s eyes when he’s scared and lonely and sorry, so sorry, get me every time. 

“Can You Feel The Love” won the Oscar for Best Original Song in 1995 which means it won’t be eligible for Oscar this time around. If the movie is the smash it’s expected to be though, it’ll be one of the theatrical stories of the year. What I’m getting at is… can Beyoncé perform it at the Oscars? It’s not like they wouldn’t want her there. 

In other Beyoncé news – a confirmation came this week courtesy her longtime makeup artist, Sir John. 


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Note the name. Sir John met Beyoncé in 2010 when he was working with Charlotte Tilbury at Tom Ford’s return to women’s wear under his own label. It was an iconic show…and she walked that runway, remember?!

Anyway, from there Beyoncé and Sir John began an almost decade-long collaboration. He is responsible for some of her most amazing faces, including this one: 


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Sir John is currently promoting his new Lion King makeup collection and did a tutorial with beauty blogger Shayla, during which she slyly asks him about having the same name as Sir Carter, son of Beyoncé Giselle Knowles Carter and Jay-Z. He finally confirms that, indeed, baby Sir is named after him. The Beyoncé part starts at the 18:30 mark below:


I love how he casually talks about being “at the house”. CAN YOU IMAGINE? Like going over to Beyoncé’s is pretty routine!

Anyway, here’s that Tom Ford show from 2010.