Even in the before-times, we never knew what Beyoncé was up to. In these times, over the last year, it’s even more of a mystery. She might not be working on anything. She might be working on so many things. An album could drop tomorrow. An album might not drop for another five years. My point is, we need to enjoy the Beyoncé moments when we can. This one came courtesy of her longtime hairstylist Neal Farinah: 


Neal has since deleted the pic so if that disappears, the Shade Room still has it: 


And it’s a big deal because this is the Carter Five and we don’t often see all five of them, Beyoncé, Jay-Z, Grammy-winning artist the Blue Ivy Carter, and Rumi and Sir all in one frame. 

Of course they’re all colour coordinated in black and white. It looks amazing. And it seems like it was just a night out to a gallery, not like a major event. This is the Carter Five’s version of keeping it casual, ha. But look at how tall Blue is! She’s only nine right now. There’s a lot more growing to come. I also love how she’s holding on to her little sister’s wrist. It’s adorably protective – and also a restraint. Because these three-year-old twins look like runners! You take your eyes off of them for even a second and they’re sneaking away, mischief making. Look at the expression on Sir’s face. That kid has just spotted a target and he’s about to go off. They turn four this summer. By the time Blue was four she was walking red carpets at VMAs and letting photographers know who’s boss at the CFDAs:


I wonder if Rumi and Sir will bring the same energy. And when.