It’s almost Christmas. And at Christmas here at LaineyGossip we have a little tradition that involves a little competition, which many of you have emailed to ask about. Because of scheduling, the Gingerbread House Annual Cup is not happening until tomorrow – so we’ll be posting the pictures on Wednesday, December 27th along with other gossip content that we have to catch up on. 

Unless something enormous breaks, like Brange gets back together, we will be dark on Monday and Tuesday for Christmas and Boxing Day and then on a lighter schedule through the rest of the week. Full gossip schedule will resume on Tuesday, January 2. 

Wishing you and yours and also our link partners below Happy Christmas and Happy Holidays! I’m sending us out with new photos of Mimi, our Christmas Angel. 

Beyoncé was supposed to headline Coachella this year… but then the double blessings happened and so it’ll be Beyoncé at Coachella for 2018. Which is pretty much all anyone needs. Just in case she gets pregnant again though, the festival has added two more headliners. And even they would tell you that they know that they’re secondary attractions, at best. You can be sure that Beyoncé is already working on her set. You can be sure that it will be of the Beyoncé standard. Because when isn’t she of the Beyoncé standard? (Dlisted) 

I went to see Star Wars: The Last Jedi again yesterday. That was my second viewing. There will probably be a third viewing, if not a fourth, before 2018. I f-cking LOVE it. And I love Luke Skywalker’s story in it. Mark Hamill, however, is still into his feelings about what went down with Luke. Which will probably only get the – what does Sarah call them? – diaper-baby fanboys all jacked up again on the unfairness of Rian Johnson’s film. I agree with Dustin Rowles at Pajiba – what Rian did with Luke was badass. Remember, when it comes to storytelling, the priority is to give them what they need, not what they want. (Pajiba) 

SANTA CAME EARLY! And he came early in the form of Miss Tina who gave us all this wonderful present: a family video featuring family members dancing, featuring BEYONCÉ dancing, with Jay-Z. Please note that even though this is supposed to be totally casual, Beyoncé is doing this in heels, with a gold purse hanging from her shoulder. Somehow, while holding a water bottle, she hits every beat perfectly, she looks better than everyone else, and of course that purse never slips off her shoulder the way that f-cking purse strap always slips off our shoulders when we’re just standing still, minding our own business waiting for the elevator. (Mashable

FUG predicts who will cover VOGUE in 2018 and I agree with almost all of it, except maybe Keri Russell. I am, however, LIVING for the Constance Wu prediction. A summer issue of VOGUE with Constance on the cover ahead of the release of Crazy Rich Asians? DO THIS, Anna Wintour. Please F-CKING DO THIS. And please, please, please let me be assigned to that junket. (Go Fug Yourself) 

IN TOUCH Weekly is trying to make Emma Watson and Robert Pattinson happen. That would be Hermione Granger and Cedric Diggory. Or Belle and Edward, ha! Nobody is buying this. But would you WANT to buy this? There’s also another rumour going around that Robert is with Kate Beckinsale. Now THAT I might want to buy. (Cele|bitchy) 

So Prince Harry and Meghan Markle showed us their engagement photo shoot yesterday. Happy happy, right? Not for long. Not when the UK tabloids are so determined to be gross. 

Of course it’s not an accident. Remember, when it was first revealed that Harry and Meghan were dating, they called her “straight outta Compton”? The old timers aren’t even bothering to code their language anymore. 

But let’s not leave on low note. Duana sent over this tweet yesterday, knowing my affection for pandas. It’s Christmas weekend. And nothing says Christmas like love. And love-making. And the tenacity of “Alan” who continues chomping on his bamboo like nothing happened. May we all be “Alan”: