Dear Gossips, 

Beyoncé decided to bless the timeline yesterday. First, she put herself up as the appetiser, clearly feeling her fit. The denim jacket over the denim skirt, a lot of gold jewellery, and a Chanel pouch. 


This doesn’t happen too often, but it does happen – Beyoncé knows that once in a while, the world needs the gift of her closet. In this case though, that wasn’t the main event. Also rare, for the Queen to actually be the opening act to what was eventually the main act: her children! And it’s not like she doesn’t know how people react to any glimpses of her kids. So here’s Grammy winner Blue Ivy Carter and a shot each of her siblings, Rumi and Sir, at the beach. 


My takeaway from this is how much manicure envy I have. It’s now been over a year since I’ve had a manicure and I used to have a standing Sunday appointment. Nails were my thing and now my nails are jank as f-ck and I’m looking at Blue’s perfect blush taupey pink and I don’t think I’ve ever been so jealous. 

On that note… we’re heading into the Easter long weekend here in Canada so the site will be dark tomorrow, returning on Monday. Stay safe! And beware of raisins! This is their time to thrive, sneaking up on us where we least expect them from breads to cookies to crumbles. 

Yours in gossip,