Beyoncé’s first Halloween costume was Phoni Braxton. Her second Halloween costume was Florence Griffith-Joyner. I am old enough to remember watching Flo-Jo race. And race with so much flair - her nails, her outfits, her hair in the wind she was creating for herself… so of course, OF COURSE, it makes sense that Beyoncé, our god of the wind machine, went to the “Boo Bash” as Flo-Jo.  


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But, really, she wasn’t the one who told us that she was going to the party. Her ma, Tina Lawson, told us that Beyoncé was at the party. As usual. If you’ve been reading this site a while, you know that we are thankful for Miss Tina’s Instagram every day here at LaineyGossip. We appreciate her corny jokes. We love it when she’s Proud Mom and does not give a sh-t about over-posting and social media algorithms. Does Beyoncé love it though? Well, that’s part of the fun. 

Miss Tina was NON-STOP on Instagram about this party. I’ve counted 29 posts on her IG from the “Boo Bash”. 


There are famous people, non-famous people. And, yes, her daughters make an appearance. This is probably the most noteworthy post on her feed:


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Beyoncé, of course. And Solange. And Jay-Z. And Kevin Hart. 

And it looks like a good time, right? Also, not that we doubted anymore, but clearly Solange and Jay are cool now. So… great! No problem! 

Well. This:


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That caption you’re reading? It wasn’t the original caption. This was the original caption (expand the photo below in the tweet to see):

As Miss Tina says… hahahahahaahahahahaha.

So the next morning, Miss Tina wakes up to a text from Beyoncé all like, you’re alerting the paps and TMZ. Mom! You are a GPS right now!

She is the wild card. Even Beyoncé, who keeps her sh-t tighter than anyone else, has her “OMG MOM!” moments. Beyoncé can control everything, the elements, the traffic, the electricity, but she cannot contain Miss Tina.