Men’s Health did a profile on Britney’s really hot boyfriend, Sam Asghari. This is not a scintillating read. But it is insightful. Because it helps us understand how and why they work. Part of the bond is fitness, for sure. But the other part is that Sam hasn’t always seen himself this way. In his mind, he’s still the dude he used to be. And, well, that works really well with someone like Britney who, as we know now, has an internal self that is far removed from the BRITNEY she became. I like him for her. A lot. (Dlisted)

How do you feel about yellow? Are you into yellow? Is it a regular colour in your wardrobe? I don’t think I own anything yellow. That said, there really isn’t that much colour in my wardrobe. The only solid colours I wear are black, grey, and white. Any colour belongs to a print. That said, I am really feeling those yellow round-toe Mary Janes – slide 21/25. (Go Fug Yourself) 

Duchess Camilla recently celebrated her 71st birthday. With carrot cake. What do we think of carrot cake? I don’t mind a carrot cake. But this week in particular I LOVE carrot cake because I went for dinner on Monday night at a Chubby’s Jamaican Kitchen here in Toronto with my friend Candice and we lost our sh-t over the carrot cake dessert. You have not had carrot cake until you’ve had it Jamaican style. Best carrot cake I’ve ever had in my life. (Cele|bitchy) 

Let’s quiz about fries. God I love fries. One of humanity’s greatest achievements is figuring out that potatoes taste so f-cking good when they’re fried. I thought I knew everything about fries. But today I learned something new: it turns out that my taste in fries is in the majority – in every category I scored with the majority. Does that mean I’m a basic fry bitch? (Buzzfeed) 

Beyoncé is checking off historical sites. She went to the Louvre and she conquered. Her next target is in Italy. So… at some point will she make it to China? Oh my GOD, please. Please let Beyoncé take over the Great Wall of China. Am I the first person who’s thought of this? Can someone pass the message on to Parkwood? I would like to be hired as a PA on that shoot. (The Cut) 

I really love Teen Vogue. Here’s an article about how to clean period stains, advice you don’t stop needing when you’re past your teens. I f-cking need this advice every goddamn month. Several times a month, actually, because my period is being a jackass and will not leave me alone. The point here though is that Teen Vogue is putting periods right up front, talking about periods and period stains without shame, encouraging teens not to be embarrassed by something that happens to the vast majority of women. Let’s follow that lead. (Teen Vogue)