Dear Gossips, 

The visuals! The Queen is finally giving us the visuals!

Beyoncé wrapped up the Renaissance World Tour in Kansas City last night. The RWT is now the highest-grossing tour by a female artist and she’s about to add more to the bank with the announcement that the Film.Is.Coming. 


Renaissance: A Film by Beyoncé will be released in theatres on December 1 that will not only showcase concert footage but also go behind-the-scenes in the making of the album and planning the tour. Pretty sure we all remember what she gave us after Beychella – it was Homecoming, and it was one of the all-time greatest concert documentaries. As the kids say, Mother is about to do it again… only she never does anything again, because she is always topping herself. She is her only competition. 

What’s interesting though is that Homecoming was released on Netflix, as part of their three-project deal with her estimated to be worth $60 million. Beyoncé is not, however, giving Netflix her Renaissance visuals and instead working directly with theatres for theatrical distribution like Taylor Swift with her concert film for The Eras tour. And it’s not like Netflix wouldn’t have wanted those eyeballs. 


But then again, the scale of Renaissance is on a different level from Beychella. Beychella was two shows at a music festival and it wasn’t attached to an album release; Beyoncé took Renaissance around the world and the whole point was that it was a travelling night club, meant for community and collective release and experience. So the film should be seen in theatres in that same spirit. And around the holidays too!

To go back to the visuals though… according to Variety the film will also include … the videos! The videos that we have been harassing her about for over a year, ever since she dropped the album. To date, Beyoncé has yet to give us one video from Renaissance even though it’s been widely speculated that she’d already shot all of the visuals. Our Queen is organised like that. But she’s also a hoarder, she keeps her sh-t secure and locked down in her archive until she’s good and ready to bless us. Which is why she warned us in her caption on Instagram, and she rarely includes a caption: 

“Be careful what you ask for 

‘Cause I just might comply” 


Those are lyrics from “All Up In Your Mind”, the 13th track off Renaissance. It is impossible to know Beyoncé’s mind. But what we can always have faith that she is always planning something. 

So … is Renaissance: A Film by Beyoncé Act III? 

She told us when she gave us Renaissance that it was a “three-act project…recorded over three years during the pandemic”. 

Was the album the first act? And the tour the second act? And the film the third act? Is that the trilogy? 

Or are the album, tour, and film all part of act one and there are still two more acts to come?! 


Yours in gossip,