The Carters were in Rome last night on the OTR2 tour. They were papped on Saturday in Lake Como, out for a drive and also hanging out on a boat for a few hours. Unfortunately this outing has not yielded anything meme-worthy, unlike last week, when Jay-Z was on a jet ski and brightened up our lives. My favourites:


Jay on the water is not what Twitter is talking about today though. This is the conversation: 


For what it’s worth, here are some shots B posted on her website today: 




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There’s not much there. But I mean, I get it. I get why people would think that. Because of the motion she’s making with her hand there. That said, here’s why I’m inclined to believe she’s just playing: Beyoncé isn’t one to repeat herself. Béyonce isn’t one to replay herself. And she’s already done a pregnancy reveal on stage with a belly rub. That was at the 2011 MTV VMAs.  

Do you really think the Queen would be so unoriginal as to recycle her own sh-t? 

Also, just announced today – Beyoncé and Jay-Z are confirmed for the Global Citizen Festival in South Africa in celebration of #Mandela100. That’s five months from now. And if she was pregnant, she’d be REALLY pregnant. It’s been over a decade since B last performed in Africa. OTR2 currently has no dates in Africa. She knows what this means, what this appearance means. They’ve been waiting a long time for her there. And, as you can imagine, it would be an important event for her, not one that she would cancel easily. 

I’m going with NOT pregnant. You?