Dear Gossips,

Beyoncé has been pretty quiet since the IVY PARK x adidas drop. That’s the way of our Queen. She never lets us know what she’s doing until she’s good and ready to let us know what she’s been doing. If she’s doing anything. Maybe she is actually not planning much, other than the next collection. It’s not like Beyoncé, in the last 15 years, hasn’t already had a hall of fame legendary career. If she quit tomorrow, she’s already achieved a level of excellence that may never be matched. 

Still. I think about what Beyoncé’s thinking about all the time. Last night she was thinking about dinner. Here she is out with Kelly Rowland in LA. They spent three hours at Olivetta. And these new photos give me an excuse to post some Beyoncé-related or adjacent content that we haven’t been able to get to this week. Like the old video of Tyra Banks interviewing Beyoncé that went viral a few days ago because, well, it was bonkers but… I’m not sorry that it happened? Because WTF?! 

And the video of Beyoncé’s #1 fan, Adele, freaking out over “Crazy In Love” at her best friend Laura Dockrill’s wedding last weekend. Adele is such a stan…and she’s ADELE. And still, she’s out here acting like “Crazy In Love” is a deep cut, LOL. 

One more thing: did you hear about how the Blue Ivy Carter now has one million monthly Spotify listeners from being featured on “Brown Skin Girl”? By the way, she’s credited as one of the songwriters. Blue is now eight years old. Not that I want time to go any faster but I’d love to time machine to ten years from now and see how many hit songs she has by then. 

Have a great weekend!

Yours in gossip,