Beyoncé, as we know, does not explain. There has been no true Beyoncé interview in years. She is extremely selective about when she speaks. Even on social media, Beyoncé gives us very little in the way of description. But this weekend, Beyoncé gave us some words. The words were in support of her mother:


💙Inaugural Wearable Art Gala in support of WACO Theater Center💙

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💙Inaugural Wearable Art Gala in support of WACO Theater Center 💙

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Look at all the words that happened here:

Beyoncé’s words, of course, were in honour of Miss Tina and because she uses her words so sparingly, they made an even bigger impact for the cause that Miss Tina was promoting.

Yesterday Beyoncé was courtside at the Clippers game with Jay Z who had to belly-cup the Super Twins at one point during the game. You might as well point an arrow from his finger to her stomach with a sign that reads “I DID THAT”. As if you didn’t know.

On the way to airport when we were coming back from NYC, Duana turned me and asked, “Is Beyoncé going to the MET Gala?” And I said back to her, “I don’t know, you tell me. Is it not safe to travel after a certain time in the pregnancy?” Then we got into a whole conversation if that applies to megastars like Beyoncé who can fly with a doctor on a private jet. But that doesn’t change the fact that she likely has a delivery plan, has DESIGNED a delivery plan, where she has the babies, specifically who will deliver them, and all the other details that only Beyoncé is capable of putting in place.

All that to say … I mean, I can try to predict whether or not Beyoncé will be there tonight, and my prediction would be No. But Beyoncé has never allowed herself to be predictable. So… Yes?