Dear Gossips, 

Before the Grammys on Sunday, my phone was blowing up and I was blowing up other people’s phones because of the codes. If you registered for Beyoncé tickets, I’m pretty sure many of you out there know what I mean about codes because we were all expecting an email on Sunday letting us know about the lottery to get tickets and some people got waitlisted while others received a code they could use at the designated time yesterday in order to get on Ticketmaster to buy. 


I was waitlisted. Everyone I know, save two, was waitlisted. Which resulted in allllll kinds of stress on the group chats about how we would be able to secure tickets to see the Queen. And that turned into strategy sessions about how to find people who actually did have a code and spread the ticket allotments around. 

Then at precisely 2:36pm yesterday, a text message came in – with a code! More scrambled texting. Like a f-cking asshole, “Mayday” is what I actually texted Duana and Lara, because the clock was ticking on my order and I needed to know what seats we were in for. That became a series of exchanges that was basically just exclamation points and shouting and by this point I’m in a full-body sweat, and we took too long to decide on the first set of seats so they disappeared but then, finally, gripping my phone so hard I thought I might shatter it, the transaction went through…and we’re going, we have tickets. 

But then my phone blew up again because everyone else was starting to get codes and sharing information about what was still available and whether or not they were able to get into Club Renaissance and OMG, the whole experience was the most… but what’s crazy is… I missed it? 


It’s been a long ass minute since we’ve felt the panic over getting Beyoncé tickets! 

We are now just over three months until Beyoncé kicks off the Renaissance World Tour in Stockholm. And since we know how Beyoncé works – no one works like Beyoncé – pre-production is likely already started, she’ll be heading into rehearsal soon, she is in tour mode now. This album is a celebration of dance music. I can’t even imagine how insane the choreo is going to be. 

Until then, let’s enjoy this photo of Beyoncé with two of her biggest fans, Adele and Lizzo, at the Grammys on Sunday. 


And this photo of her after she changed into a black velvet dress and allowed the Grammys photographer to take a picture. 

Beyoncé and Jay-Z attend the 65th GRAMMY Awards at Arena on February 05, 2023 in Los Angeles, California

Speaking of Jay-Z, did you hear about the D’Usse deal? It was announced last week that Bacardi will buy out a majority of Jay’s share in D’Usse Cognac. Jay’s team valuated it at $3 billion so they’re estimating that he’s pocketing $750 million or so from the sale. The D’Usse and the Ace of Spades were flowing all night at his table on Sunday as they were surrounded by other superstars. 

Adele, Beyoncé, Jay-Z, and Rich Paul attend the 65th GRAMMY Awards at Arena on February 05, 2023 in Los Angeles, California

I mean if that’s not a flex…

Yours in gossip,