Beyoncé is arguing with the IRS. Normally, I would say no one wins against the IRS, but there are two people to whom I give the advantage: Taylor Swift and Beyoncé. Neither one f-cks around about money. There is a complication, though. Beyoncé and Jay-Z file their taxes separately (not unusual for rich people), but they live in California, which is a community property state. It means that even if they file separately, they each still have to account for their share of their community property. IF there is a problem with Bey’s taxes, I bet it’s down to community property. Boy, that one year I worked for an estate lawyer is really paying off. (DListed)


The first trailer for the Hunger Games prequel, The Ballad of Songbirds & Snakes, is out. The films stars Rachel Zegler as a tribute and Tom Blyth as hot, young Coriolanus Snow. Are you ready for the teens to obsess over a proto-fascist? I don’t care how fluffy they make his hair, Snow is the VILLAIN! Anyway, that title is way overcomplicated. (Popsugar)

Dwyane Wade, one time Miami Heat superstar, talks about moving his family out of Florida because they “wouldn’t be accepted there”. Wade is, of course, father to Zaya, a young transwoman, who Wade and his wife, Gabrielle Union, fully support. This is a major debate in the US: do you move out of a backwards-ass red state when it pulls some sh-t you don’t agree with, or do you stay and fight and try to turn that state blue? There is obviously an economic consideration—not everyone can afford to just pick up and move—but assuming you can afford it, do you stay, or do you go? In the case of the Wades, I think it’s pretty simple. Zaya would be in danger in Florida, she would not have access to medical care, she would be the target of state-sponsored bigotry, and worse, could be taken from her family under specious “abuse” claims. They had to move to protect Zaya and their family from state persecution. (Celebitchy)


Everybody dressed From The Future at the Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3 Los Angeles premiere, except for Bradley Cooper, who, like Mark Wahlberg, just wore whatever was on his bedroom floor that day. Also, yes, Judy Greer IS in this movie! You won’t recognize her, though. And I cried buckets, but more on that later. (Go Fug Yourself)

Zahn McClarnon deserves to cover magazines, put him on the cover of everything, but I guess we can start with a profile inside Vanity Fair. It’s half career respective, tracing all the places you’ve seen him before during his decades-long career, and half the leading man profile he so richly deserves. He’s always such an interesting interview, too, especially when he discusses hanging around Hollywood for so long, doing endless guest starring roles on every TV show under the sun, which gives you a real sense of the challenges still facing non-white actors. He only just had his first leading-man role on AMC’s Dark Winds, for which he’s Emmy campaigning (thus, this profile). I’m sure he’s going to get overshadowed by the cavalcade of Succession and White Lotus actors—I’m not sure what category they’re putting Dark Winds in—but Zahn McClarnon deserves his fifteen minutes, dammit. (Vanity Fair)