Dear Gossips,

Beyoncé and Jay-Z are wrapping up the On the Run II tour on Thursday in Seattle. Before that though, tonight they play Vancouver. It’s their only Canadian stop. Which is why I’m here. I’ve been waiting for this since March 14 when I bought the tickets. Beyoncé has my money, for the tickets, and for the flights, and I took three days holiday to come here. 

As you may have seen, there have been new outfits throughout the tour. This weekend in Santa Clara, B stepped out in a silver sequined Vivienne Westwood bodysuit with a tulle cape. The outfit itself, of course, is amazing. But what makes it next level on Beyoncé is how she positioned herself during the show to most effectively show it off. And, obviously, there’s a camera waiting to shoot the moment. 


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That’s what a wind machine is for. 


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Ben, the cinematographer, also worked on Beychella. Beyoncé clearly trusted him to get that shot. And …well… I would assume that that wasn’t the first time he was positioned to take that shot. Every new outfit, presumably, requires a rehearsal. Not only because she has to test out whether or not she can hit all her marks while she’s wearing it but also so that she can work out, with the crew, how to properly present the piece. And, remember, she’s been showcasing new pieces all tour long. 

Can’t wait to see which ones we’re getting tonight. I’m going with my best friend Fiona. This is Fiona’s first ever Beyoncé live experience. I made her start studying a month ago. Last night I quizzed her on song lyrics. I’ve also told her that she better be up on her feet dancing and screaming. That whole stadium better be dancing and screaming. Vancouver, let’s bring it tonight. 

Yours in gossip,