Dear Gossips,

Duana and I were texting on Tuesday night. At one point she messaged to say that “our Beyoncé sh-t isn’t here yet”. This would be the Beychella merch that we ordered the minute the pop-up went up back in April. We were told at the time that it wouldn’t be shipped until May and we’d receive confirmation once it was en route. On the Run II kicked off last night in Cardiff. And that’s when our confirmation arrived. 

Jesus Beyoncé, does she control the mail?


How many of you in Cardiff were already wearing your B gear during the show? I still have four months to go before I get to see it in Vancouver. And one of the few upsides to that is by then it’ll be hoodie weather. I’m going to wear the BΔK crop-top under the yellow crest hoodie. Too much? That hoodie, by the way, is currently sold out because stans like me, Duana, and Kathleen gave her our money without her even holding her hands out. And I’ll probably give her even more of my money for OTR2 merch. Duana kept going on about etymology on the last episode of Show Your Work. Wouldn’t you know, there’s etymology all over the OTR2 merch. I think I’m going to need the definition of “f-ckery” t-shirt. 

Kathleen is trying to avoid any and all news about OTR2 until she goes to the show. That’s… ambitious. She says she’s an expert scroller. OK then, more about OTR2 coming up. 

Yours in gossip,