This weekend Miss Tina and her husband, Richard Lawson, presided over the Wearable Art Gala in support of WACO Theatre Centre. It’s an annual event and it draws a lot of big names, the biggest name being Beyoncé, obviously. 

Beyoncé did not walk the carpet. But she did show us what she wore, of course, on Instagram. This is a whole carousel that also includes the Blue Ivy Carter lip synching to “The Circle of Life”: 


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Needless to say, the theme was The Lion King. And didn’t that just work out perfectly because yesterday, a new trailer for The Lion King was released and…well… what have I been telling you?

In all previous promotion for The Lion King, there’s been no Beyoncé except her name in the credits. Because when you have Beyoncé in your movie, you hold the Beyoncé. As I wrote back in March, this has always been the strategy: don’t play your ace too early. 

It is time now. Time for them to cut a Beyoncé-only trailer. Like check out the press release that came with it – and those are the actual words they used: IT IS TIME. 


I laughed when this popped up in my inbox yesterday. That’s the level of extra that comes with the level of the Beyoncé. I’m not complaining. I am the opposite of complaining. 


Here’s my favourite tweet though because … wasn’t I asking this question just last week?! 


We’re still about six weeks away from the movie coming out. But that also means promotion for the movie is beginning. Again, how involved will Beyoncé be in the promotion? I can’t see her sitting through a whole day at the junket. Beyoncé doesn’t do interviews. Beyond the red carpet though, how much Beyoncé is Beyoncé willing to give Disney to push The Lion King? Does Disney even know how what she’s going to do? Did they know that she’d become a lion at the Wearable Art Gala? If all they’re getting is a “Don’t worry about it, I got this, leave me alone” from her, I kinda see that too. Why would they have any reason to doubt she’d get it done?