Today is February 13. It’s Coachella in exactly two months. That would make it Friday, April 13. So we’re exactly two months plus a day before Beyoncé returns to the stage at Coachella. Which means be ready. Be ready for the alarm. She could drop something new before Coachella. Or maybe nothing new will come until Coachella. Or maybe it’s just Coachella. There’s no knowing. There never is!

The only thing we do know about Beyoncé right now is from Tiffany Haddish. Maria covered this yesterday in Smutty Social Media – Tiffany elaborating on the story she told Vulture earlier this month about the time she met Beyoncé and almost got into a fight until Beyoncé talked her down. 


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As Maria noted, this is a concern for Tiffany. Because there’s a rule when you hang out with Beyoncé. There’s basically an NDA that must be observed whenever you’re with Beyoncé. I worry that Tiffany will no longer be able to hang with Beyoncé. 

But also…

Who was the actress who tried to step to Beyoncé?

This, no doubt, has been what the Beygency has been working for the last 48 hours. The Shade Room might be working on it too. Or at least some of the commenters. You’ll see a few names have come up already. 

On this week’s Show Your Work, Duana and I talked about how Donovan Strain a few years ago put all his investigative energy into figuring out Ice Cube’s “Good Day”. And how we should all be so lucky to find our own similar project. I don’t know if figuring out the actress who got checked by Beyoncé is in the same category. Unless that actress and “Becky” are the same person. Now a “Becky” investigated, meticulously documented like Donovan Strain’s, would be in the Hall of Fame. 

Here’s Beyoncé with long, long, loooooong braids in Miami with Jay-Z, out for dinner the other night and also on a sunset boat ride. According to some members of the Beyhive, long braids means she’s recording. As if any of us know anything.