The Queen is generous. This is the season of giving. She knows how thirsty we are for new – anything new: new songs, new photos, new outfits. Whatever it is that she wants to share, we are here to receive it. 

Yesterday Beyoncé posted to her website lots and lots of new pictures of her in India, where she performed at Isha Ambani’s wedding. The new photo package also includes updated shots of The Blessings, also known as Rumi and Sir.


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Just two little kids, sitting on a beach like they own it. Maybe they actually do. 

Here’s my favourite shot from the new release:


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This looks like an airport lounge, a private jet lounge. I’m basing this on the carpet. And the chairs. And the fact that all the water bottles are the same. I also have a theory about why she’s reading like that. It’s for circulation. Do your legs ever get so swollen you have to prop them up against a wall with your back on the bed, elevating them to alleviate the pressure? Does Beyoncé experience these human physiological irritations? 

As for the book…

No idea. Pretty sure everyone in her comments is trying to find out. Fans are the best sleuths. They probably know by now and I’m just in too much of a rush to catch my own flight later this morning – definitely not private. 

In other Beyoncé news, there was a lot of buzz online last night about two new albums dropping on Spotify and iTunes under the artist name “Queen Carter”. Not legit, sorry. These are old tracks and they’ve already been pulled down because it was a fake-out, presumed to be by hackers. Same happened to SZA. Nothing to see here. 

Here are the Carters at Travis Scott’s show on Wednesday. What’s interesting about this is that Kanye West was also there, with Kim Kardashian, and, well, you know Kanye and Jay-Z haven’t been friendly in a while. There is no indication that the couples had any contact at the concert. You know if there was a picture of them together, Kim would be on that sh-t so fast on Instagram. That said, if Beyoncé gave the order to maintain silence, Kim wouldn’t dare.