Dear Gossips,

The Creative Arts Emmys happened this weekend. Beyoncé’s Homecoming was nominated six times. Beyoncé did not show up. Beyoncé did not win. Beyoncé probably knew she wouldn’t win. So, instead, she’s back to work. She’s showing us more work. 

Beyoncé Presents: Making the Gift airs tonight on ABC at 10pm ET. This is the work that went into the companion album for The Lion King – and it is, as usual where she’s concerned, a surprise. No one was expecting this, yet another content drop from the Queen, which is why we must always be ready. She does not give a sh-t if you’ve already made plans for Monday night, or if you were planning to go to bed early because you have things to get to on Tuesday morning. Beyoncé is not here to accommodate your schedule. My schedule will always accommodate Beyoncé.

So…what can we expect? The Blue Ivy Carter is in the trailer, naturally. Probably cameos from many of the featured artists on the album. And other moments we can’t possibly prepare for that will result in our passing out from the excellence and the mysteries of her archive, that ever-growing super-secret vault of the most exclusive Beyoncé by Beyoncé footage that she trickles out in doses; only she knows the prescription. 


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Back to the Emmys though, and the timing of the release of Beyoncé Presents: Making the Gift. Coincidence or conspiracy? Was she all-knowing? Did she know she wouldn’t win any Emmys and strategised this in advance to redirect the conversation? Precognition of the Queen – do you doubt it? 

Yours in gossip,