Dear Gossips,

We are now less than two weeks away from Beyoncé at Coachella. She headlines both Saturdays and according to TMZ, she “she started getting serious about practicing for her show Tuesday, scheduling 11-hour days in a high-profile L.A. studio that's been booked solely for her and her dancers, choreographers, technicians and other members of her crew”.  I take exception to the “started getting serious” part of this report. It’s noted later in TMZ’s post that B’s been planning the performance for a while, since she delayed her appearance from last year but, like, as IF Beyoncé would only get “start getting serious about practicing” a few days ago. If there’s one thing we know now by this point about Beyoncé it’s that when she shows up, she’s the most prepared, the most serious. And it’s up to everyone else to get caught up. She’s not just starting to get serious. What she’s doing now at this point is fine-tuning. This is why she’s on another level. Fine-tuning for Beyoncé takes three weeks. 

Which is the opposite of me today. I’m feeling f-cked up. Like winter 2018 has decided to be an asshole and stick around a little longer in the form of bed sweats and a fever. You know how in the news they’ve been saying that this flu season has been especially bad? It’s true in my circle and it’s been hitting people hard. But. Don’t they say that every year?!? Why is it that we forget that it’s bullsh-t every f-cking year? 

Yours in gossip,