Dear Gossips,   

Early this morning/late last night, Beyoncé posted new photos on Instagram – her second Oscar look, what she wore at the Gold Party. As always, Beyoncé makes you wait for it. The last photo in this carousel is the mic drop. 


It will never not amaze me that Beyoncé consistently manages to only be photographed by her own people, and especially in this case at the Oscars and on Oscar night, when every photographer in town was either accredited on the carpet and at various Oscar locations inside and outside and the paparazzi were stationed at all the hotspots. The level of production and coordination that goes into this, I would watch a documentary about it. 

That said, there is some footage of Beyoncé from inside the Gold Party that’s made its way out even though it’s typically pretty strict when it comes to shooting. Even the celebrity attendees who are invited for the most part restrain themselves from posting pictures when they’re there. But here’s a video from that night that made me laugh. Beyoncé and Jay are having a moment, dancing, and then slightly off to the side, there’s Justin Timberlake looking awkward AF, like a third wheel. LOL forever. 


Or maybe Julius asked him to keep watch for a minute while he used the facilities. Um, look how that turned out. 

Yours in gossip,