Dear Gossips,   

Beyoncé has no idea I exist but still, I am taking her recent Instagram posts very personally. The last time I posted about her in this space she was sharing photos and videos from her trip to Japan.


 And last night there was more. 


Our Queen arrived in Japan on her PJ and then, apparently, rocked around the country on public transportation. You know why? Because public transportation is the SH-T in Japan! If the train says it’s coming at 15:07 it will be there at goddamn 15:07 and on the very, very, very off chance that it’s 30 seconds late, they will apologise! 


Ever since I got back from Japan last December I have been trying to get back. This is the effect that Japan has on a person, EVEN BEYONCÉ. 

Congratulations, Japan, Beyoncé quite obviously loves you so much. 


In other Beyoncé news, she made history a few weeks ago when she became the first Black female artist to top Billboard’s country music chart with “Texas Hold ‘Em”. The song, however, has now been dethroned – but it’s history yet again because the new #1 belongs to Shaboozey who is featured on “Spaghetti” on COWBOY CARTER. 


A rising tide lifts all ships! 

Shaboozey’s “A Bar Song (Tipsy)” is fun and catchy, you hear it and you’ll start moving right away. Add it the playlist and start running. 


Yours in gossip,