Dear Gossips, 

Beyoncé decided to show us last night what Valentine’s Day was like for her. We always appreciate her benevolence. She and Jay-Z were out for dinner at Giorgi Baldi; they were papped on the way out but the shots they gave up weren’t all that great. As we know, she’ll always save her best photos for her own website, or Instagram. And as we can see from the video montage, her outfit was red and white, there appeared to be a whole Valentine’s Day brunch involving the kids, and Rumi makes a quick appearance. And, yes, towards the end there’s a full shot of her and Jay leaving from their romantic dinner that involved burrata, carpaccio, and what’s probably a very expensive of red wine. 


On the group chat right now, it’s that time again: Ivy Park time, and one of the most urgent topics is Icy Park, and our strategy for securing the items we want on drop day, which is Friday. All of us are desperate for the copper parka. The whole collection is fire… or, um, ice… but the parka is spectacular. That colour! Look at it on Tracee Ellis Ross, who is quite obviously obsessed with it: 


And Demi Lovato confirms that it’s the “coolest thing for sure”: 

Yep, this is where we are now – celebrity after celebrity performing the now semi-annual Ivy Park unboxing on social media. As Taraji P Henson says in her video, “Everybody’s asking if I got the Icy Park box”. All the famous people want to be on the Queen’s list. 


A couple of weeks ago, on the group chat, Sasha was like … is this the time for it, is it too late? Well Sasha’s the one who might be thirstiest; yesterday she was texting in all caps on the thread: WHAT IS OUR PLAN? She wants the fleece and the matching bucket hat, as seen here on one of her biggest fans, not a famous celebrity, but a devoted member of the BeyHive – and it’s not even their first time receiving a box: 


Back to Sasha’s (past) concern though about whether or not there was enough season left for Icy Park, which is clearly no longer a problem for her, LOL, because we are in the middle of a Polar Vortex here in North America. It’s cold as f-ck. Here in Toronto we’ve had several days of snow, including ten inches last night. At the time of this post, the temperature is -9˚C. Which is also what it is in Beyoncé’s hometown, Houston. Seriously, google it. At 6am in Houston it was -9˚C. And there are extreme winter conditions all over the American south. Which means it’s Icy Park all over the place.

Beyoncé knew, as usual. 

Good luck to all of us on Friday. 

Yours in gossip,