Dear Gossips, 

It has almost been a year since Beyoncé released her most recent masterpiece, Renaissance. And that should have been enough, right? The greatest artist of our time gives us a whole album of excellence, from the first song to the last song, and here we are, f-cking clowns, demanding the visuals. 


Of course she knows. She always knows. She is well aware of what the BeyHive has been asking for and as far as she’s concerned, we can keep asking but it won’t change her plans or her timeline. But this week, when she was onstage, she did have a response, sort of: 


 And our reaction, LOL:

We should know better by now that we can never know Beyoncé’s mind. 

In other Beyoncé news, she blessed Jack Harlow. He was allowed to visit with the Queen backstage in Nashville where he also introduced her to his mother. 

The gratitude and worship you see on his face?! That’s exactly right!


Beyoncé must have been pleased by their exchange and the gift too because she granted permission for a photo to be taken. I mean, you can’t really see her face but still, this is a major exclusive. Remember when she went to Michael Rubin’s Fourth of July party in the Hamptons a couple of weeks ago and he posted all those pictures of himself with celebrities and the closest he could get to Beyoncé was a photo of her with Jay-Z…and no one else? And that was his house, his event. This was a unicorn moment for Jack Harlow. 

And finally, if you’re wondering how Beyoncé eats on tour, I am obsessed with this piece in the New York Times about the chefs and other culinary professionals who fuel tour productions. They’re not just cooking for the superstars either – it sounds like everyone involved with the Renaissance tour, including the crew and the dancers etc – are eating well. Black sesame, wasabi, and white chocolate cookies! 

Before you go and read it though, let me show you the most annoying sentence in the article: 

“Jared Leto would want organic purple popcorn with every meal.”

Yours in gossip,