Dear Gossips,  

I am a clown.  

But at least I can say I’m not an only clown. Last night around dinner, something was up with Beyoncé’s website. You can imagine the reaction, the speculation. My feed was blowing up. The BeyHive was buzzing. 


What now? What next?  

The Queen is all-knowing. And she was aware that the hive was popping off.  


But this morning there was indeed an announcement. Beyoncé actually recorded it herself. Because she couldn’t resist the opportunity to laugh at us.  

In the process though, she clowned me again. Because on my first watch of this new video, I’m hearing her say the “Renaissance is not over” and then she starts listing off all those territories and I’m seeing East Asia come up and I’m like, F-CK YES let me go back to Japan and Hong Kong to see her omg…


It’s the movie. The movie is opening worldwide. Which is, of course, very exciting. I’m just saying, you know, once again I’m a fool for her – but happily. The Renaissance is continues.  


Yours in gossip,