Today is Beyoncé Day. Every day is Beyoncé Day, really, but today is especially notable because just a few hours from this writing, the Queen will be back on stage for the first time in years. The greatest entertainer of our time will kick off the RENAISSANCE World Tour in Stockholm tonight. 


Anytime Beyoncé does anything it’s a big deal. But this by her standards an even bigger deal because RENAISSANCE, the album, was such a mood. A dance mood. A club mood. And of course as we all know, even though the album was such a cultural shift, Beyoncé who is known for unmatched visuals, released no visuals. No official music videos. For 10 months we’ve been asking about the visuals and now, finally, she’ll be serving visuals – LIVE visuals. In just a few hours, social media will be lit up with the visuals! 


Word is RENAISSANCE will be a three-hour show, no opening act. As she told us on “Alien Superstar”:

“I’m one of one

I’m number one

I’m the only one”


The opening act, the main act, and the encore: 


That is a page out the tour book, and people are starting to share those images online: 


We’re also getting a look at the merch. Which is always a problem for me when B goes on tour – because I want all of it. This time, though, the hoodie looks like it’s the main event. Metal tits on the front and “THIQUE” on the back! 


Back to the tour book though… there’s apparently a set list? Or is it a decoy?!

Whatever it is she ends up performing, and if it really does go on for three hours, it means … a LOT of choreo. And obviously I don’t have to say this but she does not play when it comes to choreo. 

So the break is over. Beyoncé unquits her job tonight. We are saved!