Dear Gossips, 

By Beyoncé standards, this has been an active week!


As Maria mentioned the other day in Celebrity Social Media, she unveiled her new fragrance, CÉ NOIR, in time for the holidays. And yesterday, we all tripped over ourselves when she actually posted an unboxing video, casually in her YouTuber era, in which she actually SPEAKS. 

Like, it’s already a global tremor when Beyoncé so much as captions an Instagram post. But a video?! And she’s talking??? It is not an exaggeration to say that this is a unicorn event. Like the rarest of the rarest occasions. 


Beyoncé isn’t just letting us hear her voice, and blessing us with a giggle… she’s also PROMOTING. Conventionally promoting. As many on social media have pointed out, this is more than she did for Renaissance, the album AND the tour!

Most of the time we’re out here bitching about the amount of celebrity spon-con that’s happening all around us, and Stephanie just posted about that yesterday, and then there’s Beyoncé who, when she actually bothers to sell us something, and put a tiny bit more effort into it, the culture is … grateful!


That, as always, is the power of Beyoncé. 


But we’re not done. Because just this morning, another post. And now we’re all popping off over the RENAISSANCE: A FILM BY BEYONCÉ movie poster: 

The visuals are coming!

Yours in gossip,