Dear Gossips, 

My Park came yesterday. Where Is Your Park?, is the question Beyoncé asks. By the time you read this, my Park will be on me. So they make up for all the time you spend in the waiting room with their delivery. And the quality. The quality is excellent, at least the quality of my green cargo sweatshirt with the neon yellow trim is excellent. Such a good colour combination. I wonder if it was in part inspired by the Clovers’ colour combination. Who are the Clovers? You know the Clovers:



Speaking of Beyoncé…

She voted. 

In Texas and everywhere else… if you’re reading this and you’re American, PLEASE VOTE. Grab your charger, wait as long as you have to, and VOTE. 


And, yes, I’m Canadian. We share a border. What happens in your country affects us here. But also, as  citizens of the world, we care about how this election will affect people in the United States. We care about our American friends. We care about our Canadian friends living in America. 

In the meantime, while we all just sit in this anxiety, there are always panda videos. How about a Panda + Dog video?! 

Yours in gossip,