Did you see Ryan Gosling in Lars And The Real Girl? His girl was called Bianca. Bianca has now become Justin Bieber. Only it doesn’t look like Justin Bieber at all. I think it actually looks like Zac Efron. Or maybe that’s just the hair. Definitely the old hair of Zac Efron and the face of… Andie McPhee! Please tell me you remember Andie McPhee. (Dlisted)

Drinking water, a basic skill, seems to be a problem for some politicians. I am fascinated by this. I’m fascinated that social media has identified this flaw. And I now I need to know who else has trouble performing this task. You know who doesn’t have trouble? Mimi. Because someone puts a straw in her drink for her and aims it towards her lips. Maybe (Cele|bitchy)

Dear Jacek, because you are posting today and I know you haven’t wrapped my Christmas presents yet because you probably still haven’t finished your shopping – it’s too late for you to wrap the gifts in this wrapping paper but you should still order it and save for other occasions during the year, like my birthday, or even next Christmas because that will totally make your gift. Which you’ve been bragging about for weeks like yours will be better. We’ll see. Again, though, pro tip: get the wrapping paper. xLainey (Pop Sugar) 

“What does it mean to be a fan?” And now are certain fans treated differently. Is a Star Wars fanboy more respected because he’s all about the “logic” and the parsecs it would take to fly from one point to the other and therefore his rage about the new movie is justified because of legit nerdness? Does that same fan turn around and sneer at someone who watches Riverdale because it’s “teen sh-t”? When is fandom healthy and when isn’t it? (Pajiba)  

Danica Patrick is single. And of course the TMZ spin on the breakup is that she was the nag who wanted an engagement ring and her ex wasn’t there yet. Or you could look at it another way. You could look at it like she’s invested all kinds a time in a dude who didn’t want to make a commitment and she stopped the car and told him to get out. I mean, that works too, right? (TMZ) 

Lady Gaga is taking up residence in Las Vegas starting December 2018. For two years. On the one hand, Gaga + Vegas totally makes sense. On the other hand… was she at this point in her career? Already? Bradley Cooper’s A Star Is Born, starring Gaga, is due out in May. And in her statement, she namechecks Elvis and the Rat Pack and Jud Garland and Liza Minnelli. So I guess I see the connection there, especially as she moves into movies. (THR)