Here’s why I believe this story about Tom Cruise not cruising online for porn. Because I don’t think he uses the internet. Like my immigrant parents. Actually, no. My dad uses the internet. But he’s the one who keeps sending email chain jokes and I’m pretty sure he picks up viruses from shady sites but my ma has never, ever googled anything in her life and has never written an email. This is how I imagine Tom Cruise. (Dlisted) 

I don’t hate this dress on Chloe Grace Moretz. Not at all. It’s the high collar. That always sells me. Totally makes up for the ruching down the middle. My issue with the outfit isn’t the dress. It’s the headband. I really, really HATE this headband. (Go Fug Yourself) 

Nick Jonas and Priyanka Chopra are getting married and he doesn’t care about the age difference which… of course he doesn’t care about the age difference, he proposed to her. If age difference was an issue we wouldn’t have made it to this point in two months. (Cele|bitchy) 

OMGOMGOMG. A quiz about Harry Potter and the Avengers which is basically the house that was custom built for me. ME! Your opinion about a selection of Harry Potter characters will determine who you’d be as an Avenger. I got what I think might be one of the best possible outcomes: I’m Bruce Banner. I’m the Hulk. I am Hulk Smash! And you? Apologies in advance if you end up as Hawkeye. (Buzzfeed) 

Very Important News Update. Not being sarcastic. I am totally serious. Are you ready? Did you know already? You probably already knew already but I want to make sure that everyone knows so if you know, make sure the knowledge gets out there. Ready? This is about Beyoncé. She’s changed her hair. The braid is back. Spread the word. (The Cut) 

I too have an “unsettlingly nice” Tom Cruise story. In fact, our entire building, where I work, all of us have an “unsettlingly nice” Tom Cruise story. Most people who’ve met him when he’s at work probably can say the same. He is not a dick when he’s working. He’s not a dick when he’s working and he comes to your place of work. These “unsettlingly nice” Tom Cruise stories are mostly work stories. (Vulture)