Dear Gossips, 

Cody emailed me early this morning leading with “Happy Icy Park Day”, LOL. But also, that’s exactly what it is. In my time zone, the drop is happening at 4pm but on Twitter there are people who have gotten early access. This is Beyoncé’s third Ivy Park drop (fourth if you count the Drip 2 Black Pack) and every time, as we’ve been conditioned by now, there is waiting room anticipation, which then requires additional strategy – basically you have to tier your list, rank the items you want most. And then emotionally prepare yourself to end up with …a toque. I actually really want the white one, maybe more than I want the copper parka. Last time with Drip 2, I had my heart set on the mint belt bag and I got it. Although I haven’t actually worn it yet. WHERE IS THERE TO GO?! Come spring though, that’s going to be my walking pouch: keys, dog bags, phone, shades, it’s the perfect size. Hoping for the same success with the toque because I’m pretty sure the parka will be gone fast. And it’s out of my budget anyway. 


Did you see Blue Ivy stepping in with an assist yesterday? She models three different looks. 

Grandma Miss Tina is proud: 


Miss Tina also gives us the behind the scenes of how this all came together. Apparently Blue was the one who decided: 

 So basically she came to her mother’s photoshoot and decided to show the models how it’s done. That is correct. 

Happy Icy Park Day. 

Yours in gossip,