Dear Gossips,

I’ve had Friday, January 17 marked on my calendar for weeks. We’re now only 48 hours away. This is the priority – and, fortunately, the way my work day is scheduled on Friday, it’s a lighter morning because I’m working that night which means I can devote all my energy to going online and bankrupting myself to own as much IVY PARK x adidas as possible. Online January 17, in stores January 18. Are you ready? 

There was a lot of celebrity activity about IVY PARK yesterday on social media as one after the other, celebrities starting posting their IVY PARK unboxing videos. This f-cking press kit is epic – it’s not just an elaborate gift box; it’s a trunk that opens up and becomes a rolling rack, a portable closet. Beyoncé posted it on her Instagram the other day but of course it really comes to life when you’re watching the specials who made the list, showing off that they were on the list. Like Cardi B:


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And Hailey Bieber:

And Ellen DeGeneres:

Yara Shahidi looks AMAZING in Ivy Park:


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But it was Diplo, of course, who documented it best:

I want the off-white short sleeve tracksuit. I want the sneakers. I want everything orange. I want … everything period. Our Queen makes us feel like when we spend our money, it’s a blessing. 

Attached - Yarah Shahidi arriving at AOL Build in IVY PARK. 

Yours in gossip,